How to Feel More Confident About Self Promotion

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I work with lots of experts and authors on media training and strategy, and a lot of them struggle with self promotion but want people to know about their books. 

Like many of us, they don’t want to seem “salesy” or as if they have a huge ego. 

For example, I worked with Brandi Doming, author of “Vegan 8,” to train her for media while she was promoting her book. She initially didn’t want to do video and struggled a bit with self promotion. 

Brandi wrote her  book about veganism because she was able to help her husband cure his gout when they changed his diet. His illness affected their family greatly. They had to cancel plans and vacations whenever he had a flare-up and there was no end in sight. She started changing his diet and found that sticking to a vegan diet helped to get rid of the symptoms. 

When I was working with Brandi, I asked her about when she was desperate for a solution to help her husband. I asked her if she would have loved for someone to tell her there was a better way to cure her husband’s gout. 

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