Repeat After Me: “I Love Video”

Recently I held my first “Become A Video Star Virtual Workshop” designed to help experts produce better videos. It was a one-day event held over Zoom video conferencing and we dug into my method for producing videos that I’ve developed over the years.

After nearly 20 years of producing television news I have a system down! I call it the SCRIPT METHOD™ and here are the elements that you can use too.

Strategy: Your video is only as good as your plan for execution. Identify your niche, plan out your offer and what you want your audience to do once they’ve seen your videos. Plus, identify what types of videos you’ll be producing ahead of time.

Calendar: Consistency will help you build an audience of followers who will know, like and trust you. Pull together your editorial calendar so you’ll be held accountable and have a roadmap to continually create compelling content.

Rehearsal: Even the pros spend time rehearsing and getting comfortable on camera. Getting media training to deliver your message succinctly and powerfully is key. Plus, write out bullet points for what you want to say ahead of time and practice. That will help you deal with any fears you have.

Intro to Video Production: Get prepped for shoot day! Know the best practices for  shooting video yourself, which equipment to use and even what to wear! Plus, know  what to consider if you do want to hire a crew.

Post Production: You have great videos, so now what? Know the best practices for editing and graphics and making your videos stand out.

Tools to Take Your Videos to Market: How do you make your videos really work for you? By promoting them of course! Know all the places you should be sharing your videos for maximum exposure. Plus, you can use your videos to gain credibility and intrigue with traditional media.


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Since the workshop went so well, I thought I would go over some of the highlights and a few “ahas” that can help you as you produce your own videos:

  1. It’s not as complicated as you think – When we first started the workshop a number of the attendees felt overwhelmed by the whole process of creating their own videos. But once we started talking about it and I broke down my process it all started to seem less daunting. Making your own videos means taking it step by step and focusing on one part at a time. You don’t have to be a technology whiz or a creative genius and best of all you don’t even have to have a fancy camera! I always say “use your iPhone!”
  2. Make friends with the lens – When you watch the news it’s easy to think that those poised newscasters have always had the innate ability to look natural on camera. But it’s not true – they had to learn and so can you!  The more you expose yourself to the camera, the more you start to feel at home with it. One of my clients Linda Ugelow is a presentation and speaking coach and she helps people who are fearful of being seen on camera and on the stage. She speaks all about “making friends with the lens” and conditioning yourself to enjoy being in front of the camera.
  3. Marco Polo – To help you feel more at home being in front of the camera you can try a video app. I suggested my students use Marco Polo, which allows you to send video messages – almost like a walkie-talkie. I think of it like sending a text but with video. Not only is the app tons of fun, but it helps you get used to making video on the fly and takes away some of the mystery of it. Plus, it’s good practice looking into the camera and not at yourself!
  4. Change your attitude – If you start out every video project thinking about how much you hate video, you will dread every minute you spend doing it!  One of the students from my virtual workshop said her next step after our day together is to “start liking video.” Sometimes a negative attitude can have a big effect on how  you feel about something. The more open you are to trying new ideas with video the closer you are to finding a style that works for you.

BONUS FREEBIE: Your message deserves the media’s attention too. So how do you get out there in a bigger way? I’ve got you covered. CLICK HERE to grab my free “Checklist to Become a Go-To Media Expert.”

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